A few lines from our experience at Shopify Unite

As a small Agency based in Miami we made a big effort to attend to Shopify Unite.  And it was worth it.  We not only learned a lot from the enthusiastic Shopify Community, but we also came back to work inspired with ideas, new friends and new challenges. New Features The  most exciting moments  of the two day Conference were definitely when Shopify announced new features.  We were personally most excited about Shopify Pay.  A brilliant move to reduce the customer's check out process from 16 steps to 2 that will definitely will be a new plus to convince a client to use Shopify as its e-ccommerce platform. Another exciting thing was the Marketing Events API.  We are not app developers (yet!), but as marketers we are always seeking to understand our client's audiences behavior.  Where they come from and how they behave.  With this API, developers will be able to track their app performances in traffic and sales.       Shopify Plus During the event we also shared a lot with the Shopify Plus team.  We know that not every client is ready for the PLUS platform but we also know that sometimes small clients grow fast...  So we better be ready along with them. We explored Shopify plus as a strong platform to manage wholesale, a  very important channel for independent local brands such as some of our actual and potential clients.       Women in tech We saw and heard a lot of great examples of women rocking their presentations at Shopify Unite.  But we also noticed that women are still a minority within the Shopify Community, as we now they are in the tech world in general.  The bathroom lines in the men's room compared to the free space at the women's bathroom made the statistics evident ;-).  This was just a thought that made us think about the fact that there's still a lot of work to be done to gain more space. ;-)           More info here.        

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