Back-end Shopify Updates

1. Inspector function available in customize mode

    Until not so long ago, when customizing your theme, you had to browse the sections menu on the left. To simplify customization, you can now use the inspector function available on the top bar.

    It's a game changer.

    Learn more.

    2. Shopify Flow on the Advanced Plan 

    Flow is an app powered by Shopify that automates specific actions within the website. These are a few action-trigger combinations you can do with Shopify Flow.

    Trigger: Inventory = o / Action: Hide Product 

    Trigger: Client Buys X product / Tag Client with X Tag

    Flow is a potent tool previously exclusively available with the

    Shopify Plus Plan and now included in the Advanced Plan.

    Download it here.

    Contact us to add any of these features or apps to your site!

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