Inbox Eye Candy: Design Tips for Standout Emails

The art and science of email marketing goes beyond just crafting compelling content. Studies show that emails with strong visuals grab attention in crowded inboxes and boost click through rates 📈. Strategic use of key design elements keeps readers interested and guides them toward your desired outcome. ⭐ Here's how to do it:

1. Set up a Clear Structure:

Your email must have a defined header, a main layout, and a footer to ensure engagement and impact:

⬆️ Header: This is the first thing the user sees, it is the perfect place to display your brand identity. It shouldn't be taller than 100px. 

➡️ Main Layout: A single-column design improves readability and guarantees responsiveness across diverse screen sizes. Prioritize your main message and its corresponding call to action within the first fold of the email.

⬇️ Footer: This is where your contact information, links, social icons, and unsubscribe options live. Don't be afraid to take extra space here.

2. Design your Main Elements:

📰 Headings: Adhere to straightforward and brief headings that get straight to the point.

🔘 Call-To-Action (CTA): Make sure they are readable and have enough contrast. Always use a verb (read, shop, browse, try, or any other).

📷 Visuals: Emails must strike the right balance between text and images. This not only enhances readability but also improves deliverability.

🎨 Color: Incorporate color to infuse dynamism into your emails. Use it to highlight text, segment content, and draw attention to buttons or calls to action.

🔡 Typography: Font selection is critical not only for readability but also for maintaining consistency with your brand identity across emails. Consider universal or backup fonts as not all email platforms display fonts uniformly.

3. Optimize your design to avoid clipping:

📰 Email width and length: Keep a width of 800 - 1250px to ensure the right display across different email clients. While there's no strict rule, aim to keep your email concise and to the point.

🔡 Email Size: Optimize images to reduce file size without compromising quality. Use compressed formats like JPEG or PNG and consider image dimensions to avoid unnecessary bloat.

4. Reuse Content:

👆 Create your Templates: Save your campaigns as email templates you can reuse and reformat later.

👁️ Create Visual Building Blocks: Save your email key elements such as headers, footers, and banners as Klaviyo Universal Content pieces so you can easily use them across automations and campaigns. 

Do you need help creating solid email marketing brand guidelines?

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