Is this a gift?

During peak shopping seasons such as Black Friday, Holidays, Valentine's, and Mother's Day, a big chunk of purchases are intended as gifts. Navigating the gift journey isn't always straightforward, it’s crucial to understand the 'why' and 'who' behind each gift order to ensure a solid post purchase marketing strategy. We’ve identified Three Customer Profiles of E-commerce Gifting.

🎁 The Giver: They don't buy for themselves but for someone else. Imagine a husband buying jewelry for his wife or a mom crossing off a Xmas list. They shouldn't receive regular campaigns but could be included in special occasion campaigns. They could also be segmented as one-time gifters or recurring gifters.

🛍️ The Customer / Giver: They buy for someone else and themselves. They can be categorized as both gifters and regular customers. They are probably brand advocates and loyal customers. They should be included in gift-related communications and loyal or VIP customer segments.

🎉 The Gift Recipient: This is the customer receiving the gift. This is probably the hardest group to identify since they could be gift card recipients or even receive the gift in person. They could either be actual customers or new customers the brand will want to engage moving forward.

Here are different ways to identify these customer profiles so they can be added to different Klaviyo Segments and treated differently throughout flows and campaigns.

  • Tag orders and customers that add gift notes using an app like Shopify Flow or Order Tagger.

  • Tag Customers who buy gift cards.  

  • Tag users that receive gift cards using Shopify’s newest gift card feature or an app like Giftnote

  • Tag orders and customers who add gift packaging or gift wrapping to their orders. 

  • Add post-purchase surveys and simply ask: was your order a gift?

Featured App: Gifnote


Are you a giver? Here’s a list of very cool shops for everybody on your Holiday list. Remember, when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance. 💃🕺

Want to recommend other shops? Jump in the post below and tag your favorite small brand. 

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