NEW: Klaviyo's Product Reviews

Klaviyo Launched its Product Reviews Solution, and it's powerful. Let's dig in. 


⭐ Why are reviews critical?

Product reviews build trust with potential customers, boost credibility, and have a massive impact on conversions. When shoppers see positive reviews from happy and real customers, they feel more confident about making a purchase, which means more sales for your online store!💯🛍️ 


🛒 What review platform options do Shopify stores have? 

Shopify has its own native and FREE reviews solution called Shopify Reviews, which we recommend to brands just starting. However, a robust and flexible reviews app becomes essential as the brand grows.

More than 1000 Shopify apps help merchants collect and publish reviews. The most popular ones are Judge.meOkendo, and Yotpo. Each app offers the possibility to collect, verify, and publish reviews with an easy setup and a low learning curve.


🔑 Why Klaviyo? 

While many review apps offer Klaviyo integration with their premium plans, having seamless integration between the process of collecting reviews and your email marketing initiatives is crucial. Developing reviews as one of the capabilities of Klaviyo's email marketing suite allows businesses to streamline their review collection and leverage customer feedback effectively in their email marketing campaigns. Klaviyo's focus on customer data and personalized marketing makes it a natural fit for combining review management with email marketing strategies.


🤝 What is the promise?

Klaviyo's Reviews promises to provide businesses with an effortless way to collect reviews and customer data within a single platform. Its automation feature allows seamless review requests to be added to email and SMS flows, simplifying the process and saving valuable time. A standout feature is the possibility to embed review requests directly in email messages, enhancing the customer experience. Klaviyo ensures perfectly timed review requests by targeting customers with confirmed deliveries, maximizing the chances of receiving valuable feedback. The best part is that merchants don't need to set up additional integrations between their review platforms and email marketing, making it a big win for convenience and efficiency.


🤑 As for pricing, Klaviyo offers a variable plan starting at $25 per month, with different tiers based on the number of maximum monthly orders. Whether it's a small store with 250 monthly orders or a larger one with up to 10,000 orders, Klaviyo has options to suit different business needs.


🤷‍♀️ Not sure if Klaviyo or Klaviyo Reviews is a good fit for your Shopify Store? Schedule a call so we can discuss it.

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