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It takes 58 clicks to make an online order... Or does it?
- Isabel Ravell
  Every ser experience is different.  There are products the user is actually looking for, there are others that appear while the user is browsing.  Every online shopping experience is unique and so is the challenge every e-commerce business faces.  However, there is a universal starting point.  The product - market fit - the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand -. Marketers are not magicians.  But a group of specialized experts can be very useful when a small or medium sized business believes their product is ready to compete online. In this new blog the team at 58 Clicks will share news, thoughts, reviews and any other info we think is relevant not only to our clients but to every single online merchant that is trying out new platforms and marketing strategies to make it work in the complex and dynamic e-commerce industry.    
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