Prepare for Google and Yahoo New Requirements

In February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo are going to implement some changes that will affect email delivery. The idea is to protect end users from SPAM emails. 

These restrictions will apply to those who send many emails per day, specifically more than 5,000 emails to Gmail accounts in one day. Gmail's restrictions are stricter than Yahoo's, so you need to focus on complying with Gmail's restrictions to be protected.

Requirement 1: Authenticate the email.

The idea is to verify that you are the owner of the domain from which the emails are being sent, and this is done by configuring the DNS. The DNS is configured where the domain is managed (usually services like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or Google Domains), and you just need to follow some technical instructions.

  • Step 1: Configure DKIM. This is a domain authentication protocol for emails (more info here). This step involves actions both in Klaviyo and in the domain provider. 
  • Step 2: Make sure that in the campaigns and flows, the "from" field corresponds to the domain. In other words, the email cannot be sent by Isabel if the domain is The "from" field should say

Requirement 2: Make the sign-up process easier.

The unsubscribe link must be visible and must work with a single click. In some cases, brands redirect the unsubscribe link to a landing page where the user has to re-enter their email, and this should be avoided. For this, Klaviyo is adding the possibility to include the unsubscribe link in the email header and make it work with a single click.

Requirement 3: Keep the SPAM rate low.

Making the unsubscribe process easier should help improve the SPAM rate. However, it will be important to monitor this indicator and try to keep it below 0.30%.

Don’t panic. We got you.

If you're interested in obtaining a simple 9-step guide that will walk you through the process of authenticating your email, contact us via email with the word "GUIDE".

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