Shopify App Review: Acorn Links

Acorn Links: A simple and affordable Shopify app to manage UCG and reward brand ambassadors or influencers for referring friends or posting on social media.

Demo: Not required.

Set-up: Easy.

Price: Has a free option and then two plans of $50 and $250

What we liked the most:  Price, customer service, and the fact that you can reward influencers with store credit and not only cash. 

See it in action at Tres Piñas and Up Dog Toys.

Other Apps we tried: We researched market leaders such as Social Ladder, Friendbuy, and Refersion. These apps are very robust apps that we also love with amazing and even more complex features.  But if you are just getting started with an ambassador program, Acorn is a good fit. And many of the leader apps don’t have the store credit reward option. 

Promo: Contact us to get the First Three Months Free.


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