Shopify is Holiday ready, and so should you!

The busiest time of the year is getting closer by the minute, so here are a few updates to keep you best prepared.

1. Print in Bulk! 

We've all done some last-minute gift shopping, so as merchants, you can expect your customers will do the same!
Shipping labels will come in handy in bulk, so it's good to know that you can now print up to 50 at a time.
It's now available for merchants fulfilling orders from a US location and using Shopify Shipping with USPS, UPS, and DHL carriers.
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2. Refunds made easy

Precise and agile communication during a customers' return process is critical for customer satisfaction.
Shopify will now provide an Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) in your order timeline for refunds issued for Shopify Payments Visa / Mastercard transactions.
Use this information to facilitate conversations with customers who haven't received their refund.
And remember, a return experience can be the reason why a customer becomes loyal or stays away from your brand forever. 

3. Shopify Ping and Shopify Chat have a new face.

Shopify Ping and Shopify Chat have been integrated under Shopify Inbox.
Set up messaging for your online store, create automated messages, answer your FAQs quickly, and more right from your admin. 
You’ll still use the Shopify Inbox mobile and web apps (formerly Ping) to view and respond to your customer messages from anywhere, anytime.
This new update also brings to you:
  1.  New conversation metrics help you understand how many chats convert to sales so you can plan for growth.
  2. Never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer - now you can always continue the conversation over email or SMS even after they’ve left the live chat.
  3. Connect with customers on more channels like Instagram (Coming Soon).
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