Shopify Summer Updates

What's new with Shopify?

🛠️ Marketing Tools by Shopify

Every Shopify merchant dreams of boosting their sales, and guess what? Shopify is working hard to make it happen! They've been dedicated to enhancing their marketing capabilities with a new and optimized set of apps to help merchants attract and keep customers. Shopify's native marketing tools are a perfect match for Shopify merchants who are just starting out and need a set of powerful tools to kickstart their automation journey.

✉️  Shopify Email, forms, and automation keep getting better and better with each update. While we highly recommend more advanced merchants to explore powerful email marketing platforms like Klaviyo or Omnisend, we definitely encourage new merchants to dive into Shopify's own email automation suite. It's a fantastic starting point to experiment and get familiar with email marketing. As your business grows, consider upgrading to more robust options.

💁‍♀️ Shopify Inbox has significantly improved over time and has become a standout feature. In the past, it was a straightforward inbox where merchants could consolidate their customer messages. With recent updates, this app now offers additional features, including enhanced flexibility, customization options, and even automation. With these exciting upgrades, managing customer interactions has become more efficient and personalized, making it a valuable tool for any Shopify merchant.

😎 Shopify Summer Edits.

Recently, Shopify unveiled its latest features during the Shopify Edition Summer '23. This exciting announcement covered a wide range of updates, including enhancements on the back end and design, market places integrations, and a better checkout experience. Additionally, they introduced new native features like bundles and subscriptions, which are sure to bring more value and flexibility to merchants.

We've got you covered with Shopify Edition Summer '23 demo walkthrough and a handy guide to jump straight to the specific content you need.

0:52 New Look

1:25 Global Search Update

1:57 Homepage and Bulk Editor

2:38 Copying Store/Bulk Data Transfers

4:30 Shopify Collective

5:15 Shopify Bundles

6:28 Shopify Subscriptions

7:55 Shopify Marketplace Connect App

9:50 B2B & DTC

12:35 Shop Improvements (image and video headers)

14:23 Shopify Inbox + AI

15:55 Checkout Extensions

18:12 Online Store Editor

19:28 Coming Soon: Flex Sections 

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