Shoppable Instagram: All you need to know

The Instagram product tagging is a total must for online stores with engaged and large Instagram communities.  Initial testing was made with established brands such as Kate Spade and Michael Kors.  

The testing phase continues with an initial group of Shopify stores.
There are several features you need to set up in your Shopify Store and Instagram account in order to be considered for the test phase.
Let's review them one by one.

Is your Store eligible?
Have a Shopify store.
Have a Business Instagram Account opened in the US.
Have a Facebook Fan Page.

Sell any of the following products:
• apparel/accessories
• health/beauty products
• packaged food/beverages (non-alcoholic)
• electronics
• home furnishing/appliances
• sporting/outdoor goods
• toys/collectibles
• art/photography
• flowers/plants
• office supplies
• stationary/cards
• auto parts/accessories
• musical instruments
• books

Connect your Instagram Account to Your Facebook Fan Page.
Set Up a Business Instagram Account.
Install a Facebook Catalog or activate the Facebook Channel in your Shopify Store.

After all your settings are done. Try switching to a personal Instagram account and then back to the Business Instagram Account and make sure the contact data from your Facebook Page and your Instagram account are the same (both US based).

So far, this Shoppable Instagram featured has shown incredible results optimizing conversion rate and sales. And even though Shopify doesn’t specifically shows attribution to this feature (meaning Shopify doesn’t exactly tell us which order comes from the product tag) it’s easy to detect how the traffic coming from Instagram dramatically increases the conversion rate with this feature.

If you have any questions or need help activating this feature in your store contact us.
We are happy to help.

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