The Latest Updates on Shopify

1. Conversion Rate Benchmark Calculator 
Everybody knows that even a slight change in your conversion rate directly impacts your store's revenue. But the question we all have is always the same:
“Is my conversion rate good or bad?”
Use this simple yet powerful calculator -powered by Shopify Plus- to understand how your conversion rate is doing compared with your industry

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2. The Theme Editor has been upgraded!
As summer comes to an end, so does Shopify's old theme editor.
Now you can take advantage of a faster, more powerful, and easier to use editor.
Our team has already tried it and believes it is already simplifying a lot of daily tasks.
Some have mentioned it has an 80's type look & feel, which many love and others are not as big fans.
If you're looking forward to this upgrade, don't worry, no actions are necessary to access the new theme editor since it's automatically updated.

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3. Round up your shipping rates 
If you sell in multiple currencies, exchange conversions might cause your product prices and shipping rates to have inconsistent price endings. Now, you can round your prices and rates, avoiding this altogether.
We are all about making your website look sharp to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Let us help you keep your customers happy and your shipping rates consistent.

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