Tips to Warm Up your audience for BFCM

What to do before Black Friday

The warm-up period, which spans the months leading up to Black Friday, is a critical phase in preparing for the big event. This time is used to build anticipation and lay the groundwork for a successful campaign. It's the period when you start warming up your customer base (and Meta Pixel), so your audience is ready to shop when the sale goes live.

Success is not just about the discounts and deals. Planning ahead is the key to unlocking your Shopify store's potential. Let's dive into some essential tips to help you make the most of your warm-up period.   

Email Marketing

  • Increase and activate your list with giveaways or wishlists.
  • Send campaigns to engaged audiences to improve open rates and sending reputation. 
  • Add links to Gift Guides. 
  • Change the welcome flow incentive to a giveaway or Black Friday Early Access.
  • Adjust Pop Ups and Email flows according to the new incentive. 

Paid Media

  • Increase the budget before Black Friday to feed the pixel.
  • Create video view campaigns to later retarget video viewers.


  • Organize your collections. 
  • Clean your sales section.
  • Add a gift guide section.

Social Channels

  • Increase post frequency and feature your best sellers at full price. 
  • Update and organize your Facebook and Instagram Shops.


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