Welcome Flow without discounts?

Not Your Typical Welcome Flow

When it comes to email sequences for e-commerce brands, the Welcome Flow takes center stage. The Welcome Series usually has high open rates and ranks amongst the highest on revenue per recipient. The welcome flow is an opportunity to present the brand in its best light and establish a connection with new customers. It also serves as a means to set the stage for the kind of content subscribers can anticipate from the brand. 

The welcome flow sequence is usually tied to an incentive – a promise presented in the sign-up form to encourage users to share their email and, in some cases, their phone number. While the majority of the time (we invented this statistic, but it's probably quite accurate), the welcome flow incentive is a discount of some sort. Getting 15% off your first order provides a strong reason for users to share their inbox with a brand. 

However, in an era where growth and profit need careful balancing, discounts may not be an option for every brand. Although some brands can afford an initial discount as part of their cost per acquisition, the impact of a 10% or 15% discount on narrow margins can be significant. So what are the alternatives to discounts? 

⚠️ Exclusive Access

The phrase "exclusive access" is a common email sign-up promise. This strategy is employed by strong brands that cultivate content, intrigue, and have fans instead of customers. Celebrity-centered brands like Skims can effectively use an "exclusive access" sign-up approach. For smaller and lesser-known brands, this might be a challenging tactic to start with. 

👀 Content

Offering content is an excellent way not only to incentivize sign-ups but also to establish authority and engagement. However, the content promise can't be generic; it needs to be more specific. Content can range from a unique recipe or digital download to a step-by-step guide on cleaning jewelry or makeup brushes. Check out Golden Goose.

💃🏼 Experience

Sign-up forms don't always have to revolve around a straightforward transaction of "give me your email, and I'll give you X." Sign-ups can be integrated into digital experiences like a skin tone test, scent preference quiz, or styling advice. These interactive experiences are easily implementable using tools such as Typeform or Involve.me. Check out Keys Soulcare. 

🚀 Early Access

When significant sale events are ahead, some brands switch their sign-up incentive to early access rather than discounts. This approach warms up the audience for the upcoming sale and reduces the risk and margin cuts of offering discounts while on a major sale. 

💰 Giveaways

Giveaways offer a compelling way to collect emails, promising participants a chance to win something more substantial than a simple discount. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to win a year's supply of their favorite serum? This tactic has gained popularity, with some brands reporting higher conversion rates from giveaways and raffles than from straightforward discounts. 

😉 Don't be afraid of change.

Switching up your sign-up incentive is a straightforward process. Experiment with A/B testing and play around with various strategies to find what resonates with your audience. You can also play with the season, offering discounts on your lower months and getting creative on your peak. Remember, evolving your approach can lead to more engaged subscribers and ultimately drive better results for your e-commerce brand. 

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