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1. Automatically redirect customers between international domains

If you use international domains, you can now redirect your customers based on their location. For example, if you use a .com domain to target the United States and a .ca domain to target Canada, then a Canadian visitor who lands on johns-apparel.com is automatically redirected to johns-apparel.ca.

We are sure you have many customers from different countries and regions. Why not help your customers get correctly localized when they land in the wrong domain?

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2. Add backup shipping rates to avoid abandoned checkouts

Occasionally, third party shipping apps might experience downtime (periods of time where the system is not available), and sometimes they take much more than 10 seconds to respond, this can lead to checkout failure and customers might not complete their order.

A big part of sales is making the online shopping process a breeze, so it's important to make sure that you have a reliable Plan B. Include backup shipping rates, which will be displayed for your customers so that they can complete their purchase.

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3. Accept payments in multiple currencies with PayPal

Help your customers complete payments and accept refunds in which way they find most convenient.

PayPal Express Checkout now accepts payments in multiple currencies. When a customer pays for an order using PayPal, they will be able to complete checkout in their local currency, just like when they pay using a credit card. Any refunds issued through PayPal are also handled in the customer’s local currency.

Learn more about accepting multiple currencies with PayPal in the Shopify Help Center.


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