Black Friday 2022: A Recap

This past Black Friday Cyber Monday Season generated $7.5 billion in independent sales around the globe, that's 19% more than last year.

Our clients had excellent results increasing, on average, 35% in sales YOY and improving AV and total orders.

Klaviyo, our preferred email platform for e-commerce, was responsible for more than 50% of 58 Clicks clients' sales this November.

Although the cost of Facebook Ads increased by 20% during BFCM week, our
clients' blended ROAS / marketing efficiency rate grew, reaching an average of 7X.


  • Starting Black Friday a few days ahead of time by offering Early Access.
  • Promoting bundles or high ticket products to increase Average Order Value.
  • Adding timers or counters to generate FOMO.
  • Using tailored thought-out landing pages for every campaign or promotion.
  • Offering a Free Gift With Purchase for orders over X amount.
  • Offering a more significant discount on Cyber Monday, such as BF's discount plus a free gift.


Zipify is a landing page builder app that helps merchants create landing pages without coding. It has excellent features like the possibility to add offer counters to generate urgency.

Looking ahead, we would like all our clients to use 2.0 Themes, which will deem ZIPIFY unnecessary.

Our Rating: The Shopify App Store rates it at 4.8/5. We rate it a 3.8/5

Gorgias is our preferred customer service app. A centralized customer service inbox is crucial to handle the BFCB interactions promptly.

The Shopify App store rates it at 4.4/5. We agree. We are only waiting for Gorgias to offer a WhatsApp integration to give this app a solid 5.

This app allows customers to add a free gift directly to their shopping cart once a pre-established condition is met.

Gift on Order requires a bit of coding, and even though it did its job, we are looking for alternatives for next time.

The Shopify App rates it at 4.3/5; we rate it a 2.5/5.



  1. If you upgraded your Klaviyo account to send more emails during BFCM season, make sure to get back on your previous plan as soon as possible.
  2. Tag and segment all clients that completed a purchase on BFCM for future promotions and 2023 campaigns.
  3. Reactivate email flows turned off during the BFCM season.
  4. Less is more. Make sure communication and discounts are clear and easy to understand. Opt not to drastically change deals between the three stages of BFCM (Early Access, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday).
  5. Upload all Black Friday Ads before time to give Facebook time to reach its targeted audiences.
  6. Don't add images to SMS campaigns to avoid deliverability issues.
  7. Take note of all actions taken for and during BFCM 2022 and leave a detailed checklist for 2023.
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