NFTs, standardized product types, and capture SMS marketing consent at checkout

1. Shopify is now playing the NFTs game! 
Platforms like and could be the Amazon or eBay of NFTs commerce. But, Shopify is jumping on the NFT game and recently launched a private beta for Plus stores. 
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2. Improve product discovery with standardized product types:

Shopify works by grouping products within collections organized under different conditions. In 58 Clicks, we primarily use product type and tags to arrange products and structure navigation or menu. 
Up to this point, there was only one option for the type condition, but recently Shopify divided type into two: custom and standardized. The former we already know; the latter is suggested by Shopify through machine learning algorithms to give your products more visibility across marketplaces and search engines.
3. Capture SMS marketing consent on Shopify! 
A few weeks back, Shopify allowed asking users for marketing SMS consent at checkout. To activate it, make sure you first update your privacy policies!
4. App Spotlight: ATTENTIVE

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