The new year awaits!

As the year comes to an end, we start thinking of ways to make space for improvements… 

Why not start with your Shopify Store?

1. Try out LinkPop and keep customers in the loop

Linkpop is a free new tool available to make a shoppable landing page that can be easily accessed through social media apps, such as Instagram. Your customers can use Linkpop to view your other profiles on social media, access links that you want to share, and directly buy products using shoppable links.

Linkpop lets you create a landing page that displays links to your other social media pages, your online store, web-based documents, and media links including videos or even music playlists.

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2. More real time insights with Live View 

Our Shopify Team surely knows that Live View is your  favorite feature as a website owner. 

It’s a great place to experience the excitement of visitors becoming customers in real time! Tune in from anywhere, on any device to spot big-picture trends. 

The interactive globe view keeps you updated about where your visitors and orders are coming from, and now you can look for highlights of your day with the new timeline feature, which allows you to detail back at your busiest time intervals, including special holidays which are plentiful this season.

3. Support for .usdz 3D models as product media

Give your customers more to look at! 

Products can now accept 3D models in the .usdz format. Apps on iPhone that scan or create 3D models from photos will often output .usdz files and now you can add these to Shopify without converting to another format. 

Shopify has also increased the maximum file size and made it so that heavy files go through an optimization process that will deliver a fast experience for all viewers while retaining full detail.

Regardless of what format you upload to Shopify, visitors on the web, Android, and iOS will all be able to view your 3D models on your storefront or in AR. (Augmented Reality)

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