The not so abandoned carts…

In moments like the ones we are going through, it’s interesting to stop and think about who might be positively affected by the situation and how. In some cases, people are directly affected by the circumstances. In others, it is the consequence of the situation and innovation. The truth remains that for some businesses, whether big or small, a crisis can become an opportunity. Beyond the evident businesses experiencing a high (mask producers, hand sanitizers, soap and toilet paper brands 🤷), there are certain niches that have been positively affected by the current situation. Large brands, such as Uber Eats, Zoom, Coursera, Instacart, and Postmates, have become “employees of the month.” Nevertheless, certain smaller and –not so essential businesses-, have come into the spotlight to shine. They were ready for the online game by having their websites on point and they are part of certain niche markets that have been surprisingly relevant during these days of staying at home.

Fitness equipment With a simple search on Google Trends, we can see the clear growth of the term “fitness equipment” in March. Push-ups challenges have become viral 🙄, and more and more people are buying fitness equipment to train at home, such as yoga mats, weights or jump ropes. All in spite of my personal favorite meme of day 5 in quarantine, where Bárbara de Regil demands to the camera “smile, I want you to smile” during her workout video 😂.

Home Office I don’t know about you, but I was personally not prepared to work from home. Like me, there are many other professionals looking for tips on how to WFH the right way. The google search of the phrase “home office” duplicated in March, which led many furniture and lifestyle stores to transform their home pages to include editions and tips for a Pinterest worthy office right in your kitchen.

Puzzles and Games The time has come to dust off your old puzzles, or buy a new version. The following graph is the one that impressed me the most when I began playing around with Google Trends. Board games, puzzles, and frankly, any object that serves to keep children and teenagers away from their cellphones and iPads, have become a best seller.

Loungewear Fashion brands are focusing their offers and campaigns toward the pieces that make sense to wear while staying at home. This is why your Instagram feed is likely to be filled with tempting robes and kimonos.


Frozen Food Another word that evidenced an increase in search percentages since the beginning of March is the word “frozen food”. Local food stores have been experiencing great growth in the last few weeks. In Panama, for example, Meat House, a store that sells mainly BBQ-related products, has increased their sales by 800%.


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